Refurbishing Services

TriStar has the ability to refurbish most makes. The equipment we refurbish includes Telehandler Forklifts, Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Cranes.

TriStar Refurbishing

A longer lifespan for your lift means greater profits for your company. With TriStar Refurbishing, you can decrease operating costs by saving on repairs, and increase your bottom line by extending the life of your asset. Refurbish with TriStar. It’s smart. It’s profitable. And it’ll keep you up and working.

Preserve Capital

Take advantage of the steel that’s already paid for by inspecting and repairing your equipment. You can choose from one of our standard refurbishment packages or design the scope of your project to meet your budget and equipment needs. Factory trained personnel offer a suite of options for your equipment: basket and body repairs, preventative maintenance, engine servicing, sandblasting and fresh paint, new tires, new batteries, new decals and ANSI/OSHA Certified Annual Inspections.

Decrease Operating Costs

Save on repairs. With refurbishing, improvements are made all at one time instead of being hampered by periodic downtime to fix individual issues. Like new, the lift is set for long-term efficiency and is backed-up by a 3 month factory warranty.

Increase The Bottom Line

An investment in refurbishing can improve your bottom line by dramatically increasing the resale value of your equipment. Refurbishing allows you and your team to focus on the job at hand instead of a headache.

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