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TriStar Aerial Offers New & Used Towable Boom Lifts for any budget. Typically, renting a towable boom lift can cost you up to $350 a day and if you can afford that, you can afford to OWN your own towable boom lift, free & clear. Towable boom lifts are often referred to as trailer mounted booms, towable AWP’s or tow behind booms, they are all one in the same unit.

Towable boom lifts are often the most affordable Aerial Work Platforms, the most compact and mobile units, since they can be towed with any Class 3 Hitch Receiver or better. They can be maneuvered around residential neighbor hoods, which is why they are extremely popular with roofers, siding companies and tree service workers. Towable boom lifts also come with road lights, that can be connected to a vehicles turn signals, brake lights and reverse lights so that you can warn other drivers as to how you are going to maneuver your lift.

Towable boom lifts can be towed both indoors and outdoors, making trailer-mounted booms the most popular type of platform with skilled tradesmen and local communities. Their compactness and lightweight allow them to be towed to any site. Hydraulic outriggers correct uneven ground levels.

Towable boom lifts often come in varying sizes, starting at right around 34 feet, from Genie visa their Genie TZ34/20. This unit reaches a platform height of 34 feet, with a work height of 40 feet. The next step up from Genie is the Genie TZ50, which of course has a platform height of 50 feet and a work height of 56 feet. Genie towable lifts are some of the most affordable on the market due to their mass production, which also means they are some of the most worked on units by repair and service shops, so that means you save big time when it comes to diagnostic hours in the shop when and if you come across any problem.

Genie® trailer-mounted Z-booms feature an outstanding operating envelope, making them ideal to reach jobs high and low. With easy-to-tow mobility and simple pictograph controls, it’s no wonder that Genie trailer-mounted Z-booms take productivity to new heights. Standard features of course include hydraulic stabilizers, radial road tires, hitch receiver connection and of course trailer light hook up.

genie towable boom lift

jlg towable boom lift

JLG also offers 2 towable boom lifts. JLG offers the JLG T350, which offers a 35 foot platform height and a 41ft work height. JLG also offers a 50 foot model, the JLG T500J, which boasts a 50 foot platform height and a 56 foot work height AND a JIB feature, which is standard. The Tow-Pro® Series – the exclusive line of towable boom lifts from JLG – lets you tackle the same jobs as other JLG electric or gas-powered boom lifts, but with an easier option for transportation.

You have the choice of a 24V DC electric or 9 HP gas-powered engine. And with the standard combination hitch, industry-leading 65 mph towing speed and hydraulic auto-leveling outriggers, you can have this extremely portable lift brought to the job site and working in no time. Whether you need it for tree trimming, decorating, construction, exterior painting or maintenance tasks, a Tow-Pro is great for your everyday needs. JLG Tow-Pro® series towable boom lifts are also readily available in most markets. They can can get most any job done, no matter what it is.

Some of the most sought after towable boom lifts are from Haulotte. The Haulotte 3522A, offering the industry standard 43 foot platform height and a 49 foot work height. The other extremely desirable unit from Haulotte is the Haulotte 5533A, boasting a 55 foot platform height and a 61 foot work height. This unit has the highest platform height out of all the towable boom lifts on the market here in the United States.

The multiple possibilities for use at heights of between 35 ft and 61 ft, both indoors and outdoors, make trailer-mounted booms the most popular type of platform with skilled tradesmen and local communities. Their compactness and lightweight allow them to be towed to any site. Hydraulic outriggers correct uneven ground levels with an industry leading 12.5% leveling capability. Trailer-mounted booms are available in both articulated and telescopic models. Haulotte towable boom lifts are some of the most well known and most often, the retained unit on the market due to their increased height abilities and their auto leveling outriggers.

TriStar Aerial offers Towable Boom Lifts from all three of these manufacturers and can provide you technical support on any and all towable boom lift purchases from us. Most towable boom lift units can be on sight in as little as 2 weeks or available for customer pick up in as little as 5 days. Please contact us for more information on a towable boom lift purchase today.